DL0IL/p via QO-100

Saturday and Sunday – August 15./16th – DL0IL/p was qrv via QO-100 satellite. Joe – DL4KCA – came to the camp with his portable equipment for trying to make contacts via QO-100 sateliite.

After adjusiting the dish and set up the station Joe made 23 contacts (CW and Sideband) at Saturday and 13 more at Sunday afternoon.

Station set up:
– Antenna – 80cm Dish
– for Downlink modified LNB by Amsat-DL for extern 25 Mhz Reference, Downconverter from Amsat-DL and RX is Elecraft KX3.

– for Uplink Adalm-Pluto with CN0417 Preamp to SG-Lab PA, Power 5 Watt,  10m Coaxcabel to 3 Turn Helix Antenna into the Dish.

Part of the equipement is homebrew and the station worked well. Thanks to all who came back to Joe’s call.

More information about ES’hail 2 / QO-100 on amsat-uk.org webpage – click here –.