The Crew (not complete) of 2018 activity.

The crew Kump 2018:

  • DL6ET – Mirko – DX’er, specially low bands. Has planned the antenna system, so we call him Mr. Beam.
  • DO1BEN – Ben – DX’er as well. IOTA and other activations is another passion. Well known as “the voice of Leverkusen” and our QSL manager.
  • DL1ELD – Markus – interested in several areas of technique. To him logic is everything
  • DL1EU – Hans Georg – Completes our technical team. Will do some documentation with Foto and Video
  • DD3EU – Uli – Master of the WLAN and all our computer stuff
  • DL5AND – Andy – Part of the logistics team. His job is to climb up the tower if nessessary. Runs IOTA activations as well
  • DL6II – Vinny – Logistics and Antennas. Also IOTA activator and webmaster. Plans our activities on 630 meters.
  • DK7CP – Carsten – Joined the team in 2014, supports the antenna team and provides Radio Equipment
  • SWL – Tom – Frequently visitor in 2014. Jojned the team in 2015. Tom is an electrician and improves our team with all his power
  • DO1KR – Reinhold – joined the team 2015. He is an excellent cook and support all technical issues. DX’er as well.
  • DL1KRC – Claus – is one of the founder of Kump activity more then 30 years ago has left the Team in 2016, but he will visit us always when we are active