Kump Fieldcamp

*** 2022 Fieldcamp finally skeduled ***

Fieldcamp is skeduled in 2022.

Visitors are welcomed from July 23th. until July 30th 2022.

Kump is a very small village on the countryside. Nearby towns are Leverkusen and Cologne.
On a field, next to cows and horses we’re enjoying ufb DX, steaks from the grill, german beer and good old scotish single malt whiskys.

VHF Monitorfrequency is:            145,3625 MHZ

Have fun with this site and Picture Galleries. Station setup can be seen in the setup section – click here-.

Operating frequencies will displayed during the activity – here: Live QRG.

best 73 … thanks to all who came back to our calls or picked us

DX Team Kump