Kump Fieldcamp

2017 Fieldcamp activity was from September 1th  until 16th 

Kump is a very small village on the countryside. Nearby towns are Leverkusen and Cologne.
On a field, next to cows and horses we’re enjoying ufb DX, steaks from the grill, german beer and good old scotish single malt whiskys.

Our 2017 Radio Activity Team was from September 1th until 16th. Operations stopped at September 16th, at 5:30 am.

Thanks to all who came back to our calls, or pieckr us up and visited us in the Campp.

VHF Monitorfrequency is:            145,3875 MHZ

Have fun with this site and the last year – 2016 – Picture Gallery.

Operating frequencies will displayed during the activity – here: Live QRG.

best 73 … Hope to see you all (again) down the logsain in our 2017 activity.

DX Team Kump